It was a matter of minutes when we will be getting multicolored cards in the game. Although some will say that the Gogeta, Unparallelled Fusion Warrior announced their arrival, none of that actually matters. His text is a deterrent for the future so we can’t get degenerate meta-monsters. But still, we got the first taste of the new batch of upcoming releases with these simple inclusions. The pairs are blue/yellow and red/green, boosting Gogeta/Broly archetypes and the popular Janemba and Agents of Destruction archetypes. The reason I’m not including Boujack decks is that the blue/yellow Boujack does very little to help the deck with its place in the metagame.


We have the Agents of Destruction archetype being boosted with the inclusion of new cards with the version Resonant Agent of Destruction in Janemba and Boujack. Players are experimenting with blue/yellow Janemba for a while now, but it still cannot see play in the top meta results.


How would you play these new cards since when placed in the energy area they come in rested? The games end turn three against Broly:Br and the Vanilla Ku decks so Janemba can do a lot less than before. How do you make the new dual colored card being worth the play? Soul Striker Son Goku will have a field day since he will be able to untap the energy that comes in play rested but the tempo of the round will have to slow down a bit. When set seven comes along, a power creep will have to save your game, since now, you would have to play the dual colored card on your first turn so you can actually do something on the second. You don’t have the luxury to have a rested energy and an active one on the second turn when Super Shenron is running rampant in the current state. The play would probably be to play a dual colored card on the first turn and on the awakening turn to have the multiple options of the cards on your disposal. Prior to their release you had a certain order of placing the colors in your energy area, with Hirudegarn Storm as an example of first placing a yellow then a blue on the second turn, with Hirudegarn R/B to first play the red then the blue and so on. Some decks even had the third color plan like Shenron/Buu that had to have second blue energy added on the third turn, but this, the rested entering energy will add another dimension since yes, you have two colors, but not the energy on the turn of the placement.

Maybe the defending awakening will have a more beneficial advantage since when defending your leader, after readying two energy you combo out of the attack with the specified combo cards, add the Boujack, Resonant Agent of Destruction with one yellow in the battle area resting another opposing battle card then proceeding with blocking the next attempt of knocking your life to their advantage. For the first example of the situation, just take a look at the Full power Broly, Resonant Evolution and his advantage when the opponent has only four life. He can knock four life in one attack with the assistance of SS Gogeta, Acrobatic Warrior when activating his auto skill due to the inclusion in the attack with Broly’s keyword Alliance. If you ever have a more dire situation, you have Boujack, Pirate’s Pride on your disposal since he is like Master Roshi, Forged of Will when the certain conditions are met.


The Janemba, Resonant Agent of Destruction has the option to come into play earlier due to Janemba, Lighthearted Destroyer on the condition that he can be attacked during your opponents next turn. Cost cheating in this instance with the rested entering is a balanced way of putting this behemoth into play since it allows you to play a rested dual colored energy on turn three and allowing your opponent to attack you then activating Aegis, which on the first look seems costly for discarding two cards from your hand but then again, when the rulings come, there is a chance you can just discard a dual colored card, then gaining the resources to defend yourself in any manner available. Of course, Dimension magic will be able to ready the dual colored energy, then having the option to Nimbus or Bad Ring the opponent.

All in all, the inclusion of multi colored cards was imminent and in this day and age when we get products in more rapid succession the shape of the game is ever changing and ever growing. We don’t and cannot sustain a stable meta because of the necessary power creep when rectifying past card design flaws. Because of that, set seven will have new beasts to tame and beat when playing with something from the older blocks. The new cards will have a more complex edge, forcing more calculations within the cards in hand and their possibility in aiding you when going for game. The new two blue/yellow battle cards will go in a new breed of Janemba decks that will have to be very careful with playing Aegis battle cards because of Tien Shinhan, Returning Fire. Maybe we will see some Shenron builds or a good yellow leader that will gain an advantage with the addition of blue in their color spectrum but not having the silver bullet nagging his objective. We are gaining a possibility of more elaborate disruption decks since milling with these new cards is not the main objective, but outplaying your opponent within the combo step, not by just outcomboing him, but adding new layers of combat in the Dragon ball Super Card Game.

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