Welcome to “The Lookout”!

Welcome dear readers to the launch of The Lookout, the first European oriented website for the Dragon Ball Super card game!

The website was created with one goal, and it is to bring together all of the important DBS CG news and information to one place.

What you can expect from us:

  • Weekly updates on what’s new with the DBS CG (official sources only)
  • Written and video recorded reports from DBS CG tournaments all over Europe
  • Video recorded deck profiles through our Youtube channel, and written versions, here on The Lookout.
  • Regular news coverage on all major DBS CG developments – new sets and their cards, rulings, events and much more…
  • FAQ about the game, and analysis of popular questions on rulings, card mechanics, errata etc. 
  • List of useful links for new DBS CG players and longtime fans
  • Various discussion topics on the DBS CG on our Facebook, Twitter, Patreon social media profiles

Our idea:

The Lookout has started just as an idea among 5 childhood friends, all local Croatian card game players, but we all hope it will grow and become a European based hub of DB card game info. We are going to need all of you loyal DBS CG fans, in order to do that.

While we were playing, winning and losing, communicating with other local and international players, we have noticed one thing…the US has many websites, retailers, social media sites etc., dedicated to the game, which is great, and a wonderful source of information, but something was missing -> localized and centralized info! 

Whenever we wanted to consolidate information based on local or international tournaments in our proximity, or simply to communicate with the rest of Europe about the game, we have found that we needed to visit quite a lot of web sources. The information was often scattered, available in another language only or missing altogether. Trading and buying/selling proved more difficult as well – time and shipping-wise.

If one of us wanted to check the state of play of some neighbouring countries, we had to ask people individually, if we wanted to see if slight changes to our created decks would work by checking with other people, the same lengthy process had to be repeated again. Learning any Europe-related information we wanted to know about took a lot of time, and sometimes we simply wanted to open one website to check if the information was there, and if not, leave an inquiry which would then reach far and wide, ultimately providing you with an answer.

The five of us then arrived at the same conclusion – we should create a space that offers everything we currently lack and we decided to give it a European focus!

We hope all our future readers will find our effort and the content we intend to provide here helpful, and we encourage feedback! Give us ideas about what you would like to see because we aim to create a community in which all of us will be able to share our love for the game!

All the best from the Editorial Team:

Matija Benci 
Filip Džankić
Damjan Gavran
Ivan Oštarčević
Andrija Višić

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