Celebrations tournaments in Belgium – Q2 2019

Dear DBS CG fans,

We’re bringing you today a short report from two celebrations tournaments in Belgium. One took place on 6th April in Outpost LGS in Antwerp and the other one on 13th April in Hermelijn LGS in Aalst.

I participated in both tournaments with a version of movie promo Broly pod warriors deck. In Antwerp I played without set 6 cards as they were not legal in Europe yet, and in Aalst I included set 6 cards, such as the new Paragus which creates an amazing synergy with the movie promo Broly and bio warriors from set 1.

IMG_20190406_132905  IMG_20190406_133714


In Antwerp, the first ever Belgian celebrations tournament of DBS card game took place in Belgium. I was surprised by how many people played Hirudegarn and how the deck absolutely destroys everything around itself. A local player Wim Eliano won the first celebrations tournament with his Hiru Blue/Black deck.


I will let him explain his experience below:

After testing and being undecided about what to play I reached out to my teammate at KTM Richard Zapp who told me to look into Hirudegarn packing the power booster Demigra Chain. I sleeved it up and tested a few rounds with my friend the night before and liked how it played.

The deck forces a state of simplification for the opponent between your awakened leader ability, the phantom flame cannons and the Demigra chain. If you can protect the 4-drop Demigra the turn after u drop it you are stealing a minimum of 2 cards per turn, not accounting for flame cannons. You can also steal wins with the Kais on the leader after a huge combo when they are at 2 life. Leader swings of 120k double strikes aren’t rare with the deck.

On to the actual event then:

Round 1: I paired against a new player who came for the pre-release on that day, he was playing Andrija’s Demigra leader and I spent most of the match teaching him about the game so needless to say I took the 2-0 here.

Round 2: I played against another Hiru, but he was mono blue. Game 1 I finished him with a 120k double strike hit from my leader and game 2 he dropped Vegito which he kept protecting when I was swinging with 4-drop Demigra. On my turn, I protect the Demigra and just amass too much advantage over time. 2-0 W

Round 3: Pan – Played my friend and testing partner, he couldn’t do anything all game. Demigra pressured way too much. 2-0 W

Round 4: Hiru Blue/Red – another friend, he opens poor game 1 and game 2 I finish him with a 140k Borgos with double strike 2-0 W

So, I won the first celebrations in the Benelux scene. Shame it was a set 5 meta.

I’ll keep competing in these events because they are great fun and there were chilled vibes all through the tournament.

I’d like to say thanks to my team Kitchen Table Meta, Zapp specifically for telling me to play the deck, Ayrton for always opening his house to test the night before, the Benelux community for being chill and Andrija for the opportunity for this article.

Here’s how the deck looked like:


Thank you, Wim for this report!

As for my Broly pod warriors, it did not do so well. I played against Dende/mecha Frieza, Hiru red/blue, Green Goku (CoF) and of course, Pan. Conclusion: my deck is not good without set 6 cards. Luckily, I got a second shot at it in Aalst just one week after.




The celebrations tournament in Aalst was very different from the Antwerp one. We were playing again for the amazing playmat, sleeves, a deck box, some merit cards and above all, glory! 🙂 But this time set 6 cards were allowed. There were 8 players, out of which 2x Super Shenron, 2x Kid Goku, 2x Starter deck Broly, 1x Movie promo Gogeta (played by Wim) and my movie promo Broly pod warriors. Needless to say, Super Shenron won the celebrations and its owner Gennarino van Moeseke, also let us record his deck profile. Check it out below.

Thank you Gennarino for doing this deck profile with The Lookout!

As much as I have enjoyed the games during the last two weekends and also learned so much to know that I will be playing Broly pod warriors for the foreseeable future (even though I lost two games, both super close, and won only one), I was super disappointed with the lack of support for celebrations tournaments in Belgium but also across Europe. The Broly packs are simply not enough. It does happen that we get some more participation prizing, but not always. Again, Broly packs are simply not enough and in order for the game to flourish in Europe, we need more support.

Not to finish the article on a negative note, the Lookout Editorial team would like to congratulate both winners and wish them good luck in the next tournaments.

There will be a couple more articles about this topic so stay tuned and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Andrija Visic and the Lookout team

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