Series 7 – Announcement

Bandai has announced it’s 7th DBS CG series!

The series is yet unnamed, but it continues a steady climb in card number, and will feature more cards than the previous set, Destroyer Kings.

We can expect 235 cards in total,
60 Common cards
30 Uncommon
18 Rare
16 Super Rare
2 Secret Rare

5 Campaign Rare
10 Special Rare
4 Special Rare (with signatures)

The release date for the set should be sometime during August 2019.

There is few information about the new set, but it seems we will finally see a new (or should we say…old) character take the scene within the cards…and it is Raditz!

We have seen that people were talking about him here and there, some even created fan-made cards featuring him, so their wishes might finally be fulfilled.

Apart from that, we can only so far, speculate what will be within the set, but since the recent reveal of multi-colored cards, they might just include more of them, and various support for the new mechanics and evolving play styles they may create.

FB Announcement:

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