Launch celebration giveaway!

This Friday, 12th of April 2019, has marked the official launch of what has for months been just a wild dream shared by 5 DBSCG fans. The feedback and support from all of you, the community, from the launch day up until now has been overwhelming and on behalf of the entire The Lookout team I wish to say thanks for supporting us and our dream of hosting the first official European DBSCG Hub! A very special thanks goes to all of you who have helped us gather information on the state of play in various European countries and to all of you who have reached out and offered to share your experiences and stories with us. What we do here would be impossible without your support and for it, we are very grateful.

What is next for The Lookout?

Our staff has been working hard on new articles that will be coming out all throughout the upcoming weeks. You can expect more metagame analysis, deck profiles and other in the very near future. Besides that, we’ve been gathering feedback and information about the various metagames in various countries.

One of the more important feedbacks that we’ve received from our dear readers was that we haven’t included some countries in our Game scene in Europe” article. We hear you and we’re working on including those countries in our future game scene report. These types of reports are very community dependent because we need you to provide us with the information on the game scene in your country so if you want to share that information with us you can contact us via our social media. We encourage all you, dear readers, to share your DBSCG experiences with us so that we can continue making quality European game scene coverage articles and grow this hub even further.

How can you support The Lookout?

There are several easy ways to support The Lookout:

  • Follow us on our social media (Facebook, Twitter and Youtube)
  • Share our work with others
  • Share your DBSCG experiences with us

For those of you out there who want to go the extra mile, we have a Patreon page with goals and reward tiers for our loyal patrons. There are many other things that we wish to implement to the hub but all of them will take time and money before they can be fully realized and implemented in a way that we see fit for this website. Every little bit goes a long way in helping us in faster implementation of those things. You can read about some of them over at our Patreon page.

Giving back!

Up until now, I’ve been going on and on about what you can do for us so now it is time to talk about what we can do for you!

To celebrate the very successful launch of The Lookout we will be holding a giveaway! Two copies of SSB Gogeta, Critical Combination will be given away to one lucky reader, shipped anywhere in Europe for free.

Slikovni rezultat za gogeta critical combination art

How to participate?

It is very simple. This article has been posted on our official Facebook page and Twitter. Simply like the post, share it (retweet on Twitter) and follow us on our social media (Facebook and Twitter).



Each one of those gives you one giveaway entry (up to 4) and at the end of the month, we will randomly select one winner who will then be contacted by our community manager. The giveaway ends on the 1st of May 2019!

Best of luck to all of you!

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