It was a matter of minutes when we will be getting multicolored cards in the game. Although some will say that the Gogeta, Unparallelled Fusion Warrior announced their arrival, none of that actually matters. His text is a deterrent for the future so we can’t get degenerate meta-monsters. But still, we got the first taste of the new batch of upcoming releases with these simple inclusions. The pairs are blue/yellow and red/green, boosting Gogeta/Broly archetypes and the popular Janemba and Agents of Destruction archetypes. The reason I’m not including Boujack decks is that the blue/yellow Boujack does very little to help the deck with its place in the meta game.


This color combination brings the aggro of red and the disruption of green to a new level. Hybrid leaders that have draw one ready one energy may not play into this archetypes advantage but green set six Shenron leaders and red leaders with readying two energies could possibly have a huge awakening turn when trying to end the game earlier than expected. Getting all the pieces of all of the four cards can be a challenge, but the reward is high. SS Broly, Rampaging Rush can enter play with the one drop Broly, Unrealized Ambition being removed from the Battle area gaining a lot of cards from the life that can potentially put the necessary cards in your hand. Of course, the leader has to be a green Frieza’s Army for it to function on turn three, but Pan could do it on turn four, all the while setting Broly Control Mechanism, the one drop Broly and having enough open energy to defend herself with Double Shot SS2 Vegeta and drawing cards to piece the puzzle together.

One of the features being introduced in this expansion is the new keyword Alliance that reminds me of a mechanic from VS System from its heyday, the team attack. In the game, if your characters had the same team affiliation they could team up and do an attack that had as many attackers you wanted to combine their attack number while trying to defeat an opposing character that had a larger defense for one sole character for only of your heroes to defeat. Alliance brings that element in the Dragon ball Super Card Game and my curiosity spiked after seeing the encouragement of using the keyword. Full Power Broly, Resonant Evolution brings along a devastating Alliance that when you rest red or green battle cards makes him a triple strike attacker all the while gaining the rested cards attack power. With battle cards whose cost can be cheated, this potential game finisher is a force to be reckoned with if you manage to push through the counter and blocker windows, which is a balanced way of creating a monster that is this dual colored attacker. The condition of having an opponent to completely enter the combo step and let this battle card to do its thing is something your opponent will not be interested in, so he will have to play reserved and wait for the Broly to appear on board. Of course, his Arrival support is the next help the attacking player has, since SS Gogeta, Acrobatic Warrior enters play for free when playing Broly, either by evolving or hard casting him. Then, if your opponent has four life and no counters or blockers he will be challenged by a Battle card that with Alliance brings together an attack of a minimum of 35.000 without any other assistance or additional comboing while damaging your opponent for one life with the Gogeta effect. The bonus is that if Broly is evolved, for example, a yellow saiyan leader cannot use Shugesh to KO him with the help of Explosive Spirit Son Goku or Ultimate Potential SS2 Son Gohan.

If you want to help yourself and remove some blockers from the opposing board and gaining additional bodies for Broly to add to his attack power you have SSB Gogeta, Resonant Explosion that can come into play with Arrival, a new keyword that is also on Boujack, Resonant Agent of Destruction. When playing Broly you can proceed with a leader swing. If the attack is not negated, you awaken, switch energy to active mode, combo with whatever you need to and for one red energy play Gogeta. Since red and green have the two pseudo super combo cards you have a strong chance of hitting the cost of his Arrival and removing anything that irks you in your game plan. He is a strong offensive and defensive option so his versatility can help you in any way you want. His double strike can help in bringing your opponent to the desired life number and he is immune to variants of Dark Power Black Masked Saiyan-esque effects since his coming into play is a keyword skill.

The Unity of Saiyans expansion is concentrated on the combo step during your attacking combo in contrast to the Unity of Destruction, which concentrates primarily on the defense step. There is already a Cheelai and Lemo Shenron list circulating around, but we will probably see the starter deck Broly:Br and possibly Paragus in the experimenting phase. Looking at red leaders I see Gogeta:Br and Pan giving it a shot during the limbo until set seven is released or even the Anniversary box which can give us more cards that can work with this inclusion of the multi colored cards. Heck, I can even see a shot at the blue Gogeta with the Veku ramp giving it a shot since you can actually put dual colored cards in your energy area rested for free until your next turn when they will be live. Their ultimate potential will be revealed when their „mother set“ Infinite Unity will come out, further strenghtening any possibility of a metagame impact.

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