Bearing the Legacy: A Family Matter [Part 1/2 – Deck Profile]

Originally, I had an idea to start my first article off with a simple tournament report of the last locals I played at: how it went, how many of us were there, which type of decks were played etc. However, as I started thinking about how to begin, I looked at the deck I used with a bit of pride and felt the urge to write about it more than intended. It was logical to just split the entire content into two parts – the deck profile and the tournament report.

A Goku Cannot Swap His Spots

Enter the Bad Boy.

To give you my origin story, <Goku’s Lineage> was the very first deck I started playing with and was the first starter deck I bought. I just loved the idea of characters replacing themselves and aiming for a big finisher. After I got the hang of the game, I played 4 different versions of the Swap mechanic: Legacy Bearer Swap, Shenron Swap, Hirudegarn Storm and Broly:BR Storm. Nevertheless, I kept returning to the originally intended playstyle of <Goku’s Lineage> so I waited patiently until the price of the Power Booster promo dropped enough that I would treat myself to a playset.

Choosing the (Right) Leader

Who is the fairest of them all?

As soon as I started building the main core of the <Goku’s Lineage> package, the next step was a bit more problematic: choosing a Leader. And it was a tough choice between the original Legacy Bearer Son Goku with which I started and the oppressive Broly, the Awakened Threat which I was playing for the last two months. Both had their pros and cons, but I went with the underdog Legacy Bearer because I was already sentimentally attached to it to begin with. Other than that, it had its own discard-and-draw engine to fuel the needed Swap 8: Sparking 7 on the three-drop, it boosted both his and another card’s power which the deck could always rely on and he provided access to a free searchable Super Combo with Successor of Hope in the form of Plucky Dynasty Pan.

The Build

Deck Builder provided by
Yes, I’m HerrMacan 😛

I toyed with the deck idea on a Monday evening, but finished the deck on a 3-a.m.-Saturday, a sleep away from the next local tournament. I was surrounded by my cards, both physically and mentally exhausted, so I was not sure about some numbers or if it will do. Nevertheless, I went with the following list. You can’t go wrong with this, the voices said. It would be fun, the voices said.

The playstyle was meant to be a straightforward one – 1-2-3-8 Swap from Bardock, the Progenitor into Height of Mastery Son Goku. Ideally, I wanted to play Son Goku, Path of Greatness on my second turn, defend with an unawakened leader between my third and fourth turn to finish the game on my forth turn with Height of Mastery Son Goku, awaken the leader and use the remaining two energies for a Bad Ring Laser and/or Mira, Creator Absorbed.

LEADER: Son Goku // Legacy Bearer Son Goku

Main Deck
1x Adoptive Father Son Gohan
4x Bardock, The Progenitor
4x Intrepid Dynasty Son Gohan
4x Son Goku, Path to Greatness
4x Height of Mastery Son Goku
1x Unwavering Solidarity Shugesh
3x Plucky Dynasty Pan
4x Prodigal Dynasty Son Goten
1x Vegeta, Striving to Be the Best
2x Godly Destruction Whis
4x Master Roshi, Forged of Will
2x Mira, Creator Absorbed
1x Planet Vegeta
2x 10x Kamehameha
3x Universe 7 Representatives
3x Bad Ring Laser
3x Time Magic
4x Successor of Hope

The Hot Stuff

And now onto the handpicked stuff. Here were some of my initial ideas which I believed could work well for me.

  • Intrepid Dynasty Son Gohan – It has Barrier which I believed to be more important than the early game pressure in most cases. I did not want to lose a Swap target to a Vegeta Baby player for example.
  • Prodigal Dynasty Son Goten – He would provide bait attacks and keep my leader safe for at least one attack per game. I tough if I attacked with a Barrier battle card early on, leaving it vulnerable to opposing attacks, opponents would feel the need to get rid of the rested battle card. Son Goten could always defend the card and provide and additional +10000 boost for the entire turn. On top of that, he was also a fuel to activate Sparking 7 faster.
  • <Universe 7> Package – The deck already had 8 important cards with the <Universe 7> trait and I needed a way to search out the big gun. Universe 7 Representatives did not only serve that purpose, but it was also self-tutored because it also had the <Universe 7> trait. Finally, I decided to go with Master Roshi, Forged of Will as my main Counter: Attack because it was also searchable, was also a combo piece and an easier Sparking-fuel at any time in the game.
  • The Spice” – Ok, maybe they should not be called “Spice”, but these cards were still a one-off or two-off which had purpose to complement the entire build.
    • Vegeta, Striving to Be the Best – Even though a singe copy, I could either draw him out easily with the draw power or search him out with the Planet Vegeta in case I needed him for something. “Deadly Defenders” were a thing, of course.
    • Unwavering Solidarity Shugesh – I kept a single copy in the deck in case somebody decided not to main or side Time Control Chronoa. Broly, the Awakened Threat was a thing locally at one point, everybody placed Chronoa so I opted to avoid playing Shugesh as the main Super Combo. The single copy would be enough to play Son Goku, Path to Greatness and keeping my energies in active mode on defense.
    • Planet Vegeta – I would have played four Universe 7 Representatives, but since it was more versatile and allowed me to search for Shugesh or Vegeta in dire situations, I played a single copy of it. I could always mulligan for it or draw into it with my leader.
    • Godly Destruction Whis – The newly acquired starter rare seemed like a good idea and to be honest, I wanted to play more of them in the main deck, but I could not find enough space. It has potential, especially since Senzu Bean is all-present.
    • 10x Kamehameha – I believe this was the first time I main boarded it. It would have been either this or Hidden Power, East Supreme Kai, but I went with the Kamehameha because of the extra 5000 boost and because I thought it would be less predictable.  

The Side Stuff

I’ll go through the side deck swiftly since there is nothing much to say about it.

1x Adoptive Father Son Gohan
1x Godly Destruction Whis
3x Dark Power Black Masked Saiyan
3x Haru Haru, Attacker Majin
4x Dependable Dynasty Son Goku
3x Flying Nimbus

And how did it go?

Well, you will need to keep a Lookout for the part two of the article (pun inteded). A short tournament report with matchups will be uploaded shortly so stay tuned.

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