Bearing the Legacy: A Family Matter [Part 2/2 – Tournament Report]


First off, if you’re reading this after you’ve read the Part 1-of-2 article, I congratulate you on bearing through the whole thing and thank you for still sticking around. In case you missed the deck profile, you can find it here so that you’ll know what I’m talking about. This article will give an insight into a part of our metagame, how the deck performed against certain match-ups, the final standings and, last but not least, the final verdict of the deck.

Now to the report of the Week 15’s local tournament. It is worth noticing that we just got “Destroyer Kings” a day before the tournament so this was our last Saturday before a new metagame shift would occur. The locals ended with unfortunately just nine players that weekend, but with versatile decks. We had two Janemba Millers, and one of each Hirudegarn Red/Blue Hand Control, Shenron Beerus, Broly Storm, Jiren U11, Vegeta Baby, Piccolo Bond, Shenron Gogeta and Announcer. And of course, I went with the Legacy Bearer Lineage. We played 4 Swiss rounds in best-of-three, always leaving a player with an auto-win. Keep in mind that this was the last locals we had wi

ROUND 1: Box Opening

(Un)Fortunately for me, I ended up with the auto-win in the 1st round. I did not manage to test the deck in that round, but I had an entire hour to open my purchased Broly Starters and the Destroyer Kings booster box so that was nice. Here were my pulls, even though I wasn’t blessed with mighty pulls

Not the pulls I wanted, but the pulls I needed.

ROUND 2: Vegeta Baby

Vegeta Baby: FIGHT!

I played against Vegeta Baby which I managed to beat 2-0. Barrier kept me alive for the entire round which was what the deck was made to do. I played both 1st and 2nd in our matches giving me an insight how the deck performs in both instances. Even though Height of Mastery won game, the MVP was the single Shugesh which brought a Son Goten into play triggering the Auto: Once Per Turn effect of Epochal Grudge Great Ape Baby leaving my Height of Mastery safe at full power. I went 2nd in game 2 and had to survive the onslaught of double strike and triple strike Vegeta Baby cards before I even went into my 3rd turn. I had to go all in or else I’d lose in my next defensive turn. I pressured with a Path to Greatness, Shugesh played another Path to Greatness, Mira stepped in to lower the opponent to two life remaining. Then my Leader attacked with my entire hand placed into the combo area and fired a 10x Kamehameha which was more than enough.

ROUND 3: Janemba Mill

Janemba: FIGHT!

In Round 3 I faced one of the Janemba players. I went first in game one and managed to surprise the opponent who almost predicted my entire play on turn four: I played Height of Mastery, awakened the leader played one Bad Ring Laser with one of my two untapped energies, leaving the opponent on one life remaining. The second attack was cancelled with leader Janemba’s Auto effect and then I surprised him with a Mira and attacked with what was around 115 000 battle power. I lost game two because the opponent really had the advantage and forced me to awaken before my fourth turn. The only noticable play in that match was a free Vegeta, Striving to Be the Best off of the Shugesh shone which KOd an attacking Deadly Defender Vegeta in a crucial moment. We started game three, time was called, and I made a bad call playing a Bardock I searched with Successor of Hope to fuel the Swap onslaught on my second turn and he had a hand full of Senzu Beans, a Hidden Power, East Supreme Kai and +10000 Combo cards. The final score was 1-2 due to me being bad at playing on pressure and time limits.

ROUND 4: Shenron Beerus

Shenron Beerus:

I ended up playing the Shenron Beerus in Round 4, resulting in a 2-1 streak. I defended against a Triple Attack Double Strike Beerus with a single Time Magic and finished off withHeight of Mastery. I lost game two because I didn’t play enough Bardocks to awaken myself and did no draw the Height of Mastery on time. I was at six life with four Super Combos in hand I couldn’t play and a lot of Roshi negates. The opponent gave Triple Attack to Beerus and played Fu, Shrouded in Mystery which nullified all my Super Combos and Roshi’s Counter effect, leaving me in the end with zero life, zero battle cards, zero energy and zero cards in hand. I learned my lesson and awakened myself on turn two in the third game, giving myself enough room to finish with Height of Mastery and Mira on turn four.

The Ranking

Before displaying the results, I would honourably mention our very own Ivan who played Hirudegarn Red/Blue and had a 3-0-win up until Round 4 ended up battling for the 1st place against the mentioned Janemba user. They entered their third match after which the time was called, where the Janemba player had the upper hand with too many cards in his hand (yet another pun intended).

So close…

In the end the locals were topped by Sandro Kišur piloting the Janemba Mill I lost to, after which I found myself claiming the 2nd place. Our Ivan ended up at 4th place due to Swiss win streak statistics. Shout out to Sandro for excellent performance and the lucky of pulling the SCR Broly, Ultimate Agent of Destruction from his prizing.

Deck Verdict

The Star of the Show!

Apart from playing just three match-ups due to an auto win round, I must say that I enjoyed the deck a lot. It was a fun experience, it brought back fond memories of my first days when I started playing DBSCG, and it proved to be a deck that can take a couple of punches and fight back. There were both good and bad qualities to this specific build. I’ll try to be short and simple.

The Good

The deck did what it was made to do, and it did its job well. It draws a lot, it can provide pressure early game and clean up late game, it has a strong search engine for both missing battle cards and my Super Combos (Successor of Hope) and my finishers and negates (Universe 7 Representative). It had answers to some problems I faces which would have been otherwise troublesome. The Leader alone provided a well-round draw and firepower utility which was something I could almost always rely on.

The idea to play a full playset of Dependable Dynasty Son Goku in my side deck was the best thing I could have done. Whenever I felt my two-drop would not be threatened by anything, I would just swap the Gohans out for Gokus (the Pun Master strikes back).

The Bad

At one point I regretted not playing the deck with Broly, the Awakened Threat, specifically in the matchup against slower decks like Shenron Beerus and Janemba Mill. His auto-awakening effect would have helped me easier in some cases, maybe even allowed me to make to pressure even more on my fourth turn with Height of Mastery or another Bad Ring Laser. Also, his access to Cold Bloodlust would have been helpful in some of the stranger situations I faced where 10x Kamehameha was a dead card.

What do you mean: “No Lineage”?

Another thing I came across often was a lack of <Goku’s Lineage> cards in my hand. 24 cards in my deck have the trait <Goku’s Lineage>, but I was always lacking an additional card in my hand to drop for the leader’s unawakened auto effect. Logically, I threw away a Bardock after the first Swap, then the Gohan followed in most cases. But when I needed to extend the 1-2 Swap-play and provide additional pressure, I was often missing a piece which was discarded for the leader’s effect. Either that or I somehow ended up without a battle card I could discard for the leader’s effect.

Apart from the Dependable Dynasty Son Goku, the rest of the side deck was a miss. There weren’t a lot of yellow or green decks, I did not struggle against Chain Attack Trunks in the Vegeta Baby’s match-up and I never felt the need for the Flying Nimbus. At least now that Destroyer Kings has arrived, I’ll get the chance to change the side deck a little.

The Verdict

Overall the deck performed quite well for its first run, even better than I expected. The bad boy Path to Greatness was something the Lineage-package was missing, and I felt how much better the deck was with him in it. The leader was a gem in this deck as well and it was both fun and enjoyable playing it as on the first day I started playing.

I will need to test this version of the deck a bit more, get a better feel of it and see what can be improve. I don’t believe I’ll be adding more cards with the trait <Goku’s Lineage> since the rest of them would clog the deck. And I would keep the Shugesh at a single copy in case I would continue to play this leader because a free searchable Super Combo is a best Super Combo a player could have. The new issues the deck will be facing is the metagame shift now that Destroyer Kings is finally available and legal for tournament play, and only time will tell if its Legacy will go on. And yes, that was the last pun. For now.

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