DBS CG European Open Championship 2019 – My experience

I know it seems like ages have passed since February but I still want to share my experience with you 🙂 One can’t easily compare any other experience in a professional card player’s life to participating in a World, European, North American or any other major event. It’s just marvellous. Such was my experience during the 2019 Dragon Ball Super CG Open European Championship in Manchester, England. The first one of its kind in Europe.

My full experience:

I get onto a plane in Belgium late on a Friday after a restless day at work and I am so happy to be arriving in a city I never visited before, excited for a gaming filled weekend. I knew that the next day I would be surrounded by the best of the best DBS card game players from around the continent and that no matter what happens, I would be excited just to participate and meet new people. Of course, I could not sleep.

I wake up super early on the day of the tournament just to arrive at Salford University’s Hall where my buddy Enrico was waiting for me. I have never met him in real life but he seemed nice and he proved to be nice. Not only that but a fantastic top 50 player as well. Congrats man!

It’s not 8 a.m. yet, but we enter the big hall only to see the fantasticly setup hall to fit 250 players eager to charge at each other with their Shenrons, Pans, Brolies and of course Janembas. Judges immediately chase us out (as it was not 8 a.m. yet) and we end up watching from the hall balcony. I managed to get my Broly pack and all the cards I ordered from the event’s main supplier TCG-Collectibles (thx guys), before being chased out. I pull out my decklist and continue finalising it, making some last minute decisions.

I see that the guys next to me are looking at me funny, so I come and introduce myself. I explain that I will play Broly storm and they give me some last minute advice on what I should be looking out for. As a new player, maybe 5 months in total into the game, I kindly accept the advice and we continue chatting.


It’s 8 a.m., the main hall doors are now opened and the room starts filling up with players. They form a long line around the supplier (seems I wasn’t the only one who needed cards last minute), and I start walking around soaking up the moments and taking photos and videos with my new GoPro camera. I even decided to make a personal page and channel for this event so I post what I recorded and get some people to follow the updates I was making. All videos and photos will soon be available here and here.

I make some more last minute changes in my deck and at 9 a.m. the judges announce we need to sit down and wait for the participation prizes to be distributed. About 20 min after the first pairings are announced.

Round 1:

I find myself playing against a new CoF Green Goku deck with a ton of defence and drawing cards like crazy. Not to say that I wanted to build a deck with the new Goku as soon as I saw him a month or two ago. In the first game, I draw a bad hand and my opponent draws everything he needs to crush me. In the second game, I draw a wonderful hand but my opponent sides Chronoa against my Shuggesh and even when I remove his deadly defender Krillin on my turn 4, he drops a 5 drop Son Goku on me as a response and pretty much finishes me off in the next turn. I lose 0:2 and I shake hands with my opponent and wish him all the best going further.

Round 2:

Another deck I am trying to build – Vegeta Baby, 2nd Turn 6 drop Great Ape Triple striker. Sounds impossible, but with the new promo power pack Super Baby 1, Parasitic Menace, it is definitely possible. First game, I go first and I go in swinging with everything I have, which proves to be a grave mistake. On his 2nd turn, he already drops the Ape and I find myself defenceless. 2nd game, I try playing a bit slower but I get almost each of my drops massacred by different Baby -x000 skills. He wins 0:2 and I say good game.

I find some time to trade before the start of the 3rd game and I get some cool cards and additional promo materials for my buddies back in Croatia and Belgium.


Round 3:

A great player from Switzerland plays a very different version of Janemba that I did not prepare for. He does not pack negates, but rather a ton of defence with super combos and pseudo super combos. I almost win the first game, but then he uses my weakness of going to three life too soon and finishes me off with Champa double striking with the Demon Sword Janemba. We play the second game where he also goes on the offensive more than in the first game and finishes of my Broly. 0:2 – Good game.

Round 4:

I get a Bye due to an uneven number of players in the tournament. I go around, filming some more of the surroundings, trading and chatting. I meet a guy who is reinventing his TeamSpiritBomb YT channel and he records my deck profile. I also give an interview for the local student TV show. Even with 0 wins until then, I am happy that that happened. I finally grab some lunch in the University cafeteria and wait for the next round.

Round 5:

A Shenron Gogeta deck. I win the first match swinging hard with my Mira and Bardock, Will of Iron, and we peacefully go into round two where my hand was not sufficient enough and my opponent crushes me with his At All Costs Vegeta. We start playing the third round, my Mira is in full power again, swinging twice with Broly’s skill, leaving my opponent on 2 life. The judges call time and we end up with only 3 turns in which all my attacks were negated or somehow defended against. It ends up being a draw. GG!


Round 6:

I play against Shaun’s Shenron Gogeta and I swing both games with everything I have, even counter playing his main attackers and making sure all my Shuggeshes are well spent. I finish both games with my Mira and Scientist Fu. I did not need Dende or any other extra cards. Cold Bloodlust was enough to throw him off his game and get me the win I needed. But it was super close in both games. We laugh through both games, especially when I topdeck Time Magic to save me against his attacks. We do a great trade and exchange contacts to trade and play in the future.

I hear the judges announcing the side events and I find myself tempted. Shall I play in the 7th round or drop out and play in a side event to get that valuable promo pack. I realise that I will not get any prizes anyhow from the championship, so I quickly drop out and in the last second, I occupy the last spot for the sealed side event. I get 6 CW packs and a promo pack from Rene and I take my seat. I open a Demigra, a Baby and a Piccolo in my promo pack, and nothing super special in the 6 CW packs. I build my 40 card deck around the leader Mira and I play 4 rounds of Swiss where I end up being 2nd out of 16 players. I lost in the finals to a German player by 5000 power. One battle card more and I would have defended and nailed him in the next turn. Well, I am still proud of that 2nd place.

Somewhere in the middle of my side-event finals, the judges announce the Championship top 16 players. Everybody claps as the names are called out. Those 16 amazing players later ended up playing almost until midnight. I stay watching a couple of matches sporadically and at one moment I realise that this is the perfect time to trade. I take my album and my want list and start asking people to trade with me. In the next hour or two, I meet so many amazing people and do so many trades that I lose track of what I need and don’t need.

I look around and I am not even thinking anymore that I did not do well in the Championship. I am just happy to have had the opportunity to be there and make so many friends and learned so much about how to play my deck better. At that moment I do not realise that a version of the Broly Storm I was supposed to play (but did not have enough time or skill to realise that before) entered the top 16 – undefeated in Swiss! 7:0. You can see his deck profile here, provided by the skilful player behind the channel with the funniest name ever “MyWifeHatesGames“.


10 p.m. – Enough of DBS CG for one day, so I go out of the sacred University Hall with Enrico, to get some dinner. We continue discussing DBS strategy endlessly.

I wake up the next day, sort out my cards and go out of my accommodation to see a bit more of Manchester and enjoy a traditional English breakfast that fills me up until the evening. I meet with another 13 players that did not have enough DBS for one day in the local shop, Fan Boy Three and we play a local tournament in which I end up 7th (2:2). I win against the Announcer and Shenron Hand Control decks but lose to Janemba. Enrico finishes me off in the last round XD. We stay in the shop trading and doing more deck profile videos.

It’s now more than one month after the event and I still feel awesome to have participated in this major event for European DBS CG players. Nothing really matches the championship experience and I would encourage everybody to apply next time. I also invite all of you to keep supporting your local plays and make sure to invite new players.

I have huge respect to the team of judges and tournament organisers who ran the event perfectly. I thank my Croatian friends Ivan, Matija, Filip and Gavran for prepping me and to the organisers for providing me with the necessary information and sorting out my registration issues.

I am committed to supporting the game and playing in as many tournaments as I can, perfecting my skills and always trying to get ahead. Europe will for sure see me in the different championships this year 🙂

I hope you liked the tournament report and that you will continue to follow our new website: The Lookout, where we try to support the DBS card game players in Europe and bring you the latest news from the DBS card game world.



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