7 questions for a DBS CG player: René Heijnen

Dear DBS Card Game fans,

We are staying true to our mission and vision when providing you with DBS CG news and we appreciate when you want to share your stories with us as well.

The article we bring you today contains a short interview with René Heijnen, owner of TCG-Collectibles and a DBS CG fans since its humble beginnings in the US and Europe. We asked Rene a couple of questions about the state of play in Europe and about his recent experience of playing in the US.

This article also starts our “7 QuestionBalls” category. Stay tuned for more very different articles to come in this category with DBS CG fans from all over Europe.

Enjoy the full interview 🙂

1) Can tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello there guys and girls, I am René Heijnen, owner of 60090779_586319235197892_6199130863314141184_n, a trading card game webshop since 2014. We have been selling and playing Dragon Ball Super ever since set 1 was released in the US. Wherever we can, we try and play, if we are in someone else’s store we will of course only participate as a player and not sell our product there. However, with the help of Tournament Center, we were able to become the Vendors for the first European Open Championship in 2019, which we gracefully and gratefully accepted.

2) What motivates you to play the game, where do (and did) you play and what is your highest achievement so far?

In regards to my top cuts, they are limited, besides a few tops in the Monthly Clash of Veenendaal we have here in the Netherlands, and a couple of local tops in Antwerp there really has not been a noteworthy tournament where we could do well, because the only high-rank tournament was the European Open Championship 2019. We have also played and sold Yu-Gi-Oh! for about 12 to 14 years, but decided last December to stop doing so and focus solely on Dragon Ball Super and try and get it as big as we can in Europe. In Yu-Gi-Oh we basically topped every National Championship we participated in for 8 years straight but preferred to buy and sell cards during the European Events.

3) Can you describe your experience as a European DBS CG fan competing in a tournament in the US?

Since we only played in one local tournament in the US, our description of the experience is not really representative. This is why I actually prefer to talk about something different – The difference in the availability of promotional materials. 

4) What do they have that we don’t?

While we in Europe have a lot of stores who did not get the Power Boosters for Miraculous Revival, nor did many stores get the Tournament Kit 6, in the US, there seems to be an overstock off both products. We have been offered over 20 Tournament Kits 6 and over 500 Power Boosters from different stores in the US, where they seem to be “forced” to take them, where we in Europe cannot get any.

This somehow leaves a sour aftertaste in a Tournament Organiser who wants to see the game grow in Europe. Our distributor, just the one, as we have only one, seems unable to get the product to us. Why this is exactly we do not know, but there seems to be a lot of demand from Europe, but little response from the suppliers and distributors. This saddens me.

5) What opportunities exist in Europe for DBS CG players?

Europeans have shown willingness to travel to big events if the prize support is somewhat decent. We have shown this with the European Open Championship 2019 and hell, we have even shown this with the fact we have had several people travelling to the States to just participate in some of their tournaments, where the price support is vastly better than in Europe.

We are now busy trying to get a big event going in The Netherlands, where we have had some help from different US stores willing to sell us promotional packs. The vast quantity we have now and incoming is something we could not have done without the help of those stores, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you all! You know who you are.

6) What can we (in Europe) learn from the US and what is your advice for players in Europe in 2019?

Should you, as a European player have a chance to travel to the US and participate in one of their events, I highly suggest you do it. We have only played a local, but the attitude there seems to be a lot more mellow than in Europe. I think this is something that European players can learn from our American friends, they are so friendly, willing to help and assist the newer players as well.

I do however feel that European players should be patient, as good times are coming. Americans are noticing we want to play as well, Bandai is hopefully catching on quick to.

7) Will you compete in upcoming tournaments/championships in Europe (e.g. UK)?

We would love to play at the Game Expo tournaments but we cannot, as we are away on an all expense paid field trip from work to Scotland during that exact same time. If we did not have this, we would 100% be there, either as a vendor or as players.

I cannot stress it enough, Europeans, please be patient.

From all of us at The Lookout, thank you René!

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