Deck profile: Tjorven Macharis’s Super Shenron Vegito

Dear DBS Card Game fans,

We are bringing you today another article in our 7 QuestionBalls series, this time about a cool deck one Belgium player Tjorven Macharis developed. We threw 7 question balls at him and he gave a worthy response. You can read the answers below.

1) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Tjorven Macharis but most of my friends call me “TJ”. I have been playing DBS CG since January 2018. I was playing casually at first. After some practice and when requested by a close friend, I tried going to a few local tournaments. Since then, my intention to get better grew and I took the game a bit more seriously. I additionally wanted to make it as fun as possible for me and my opponents.

2) What are you going to introduce to us today?

Recently, I was thinking about finding a deck with the new Vegito engine. I ran into Super Shenron Vegito. I did a bit of testing with it and it showed me it can do something great. However, on a local tournament in Aalst, I tried it out against great players and yet, I was a bit derpy and I failed a few times. E.g., I milled myself out by miscalculating my deck. Whoopsie! 🙂 


3) What is the mechanic of the deck?

The deck mechanic is basically the same as Super Shenron storm. You get 20+ cards in your drop as soon as possible and try to win on your second turn. By placing the Vegitos in your energy you can get Vegito Going at Full Throttle on turn 3. To make things going easier I included an old promo card that I could play with the set 2 Vegito, whilst also filling my drop (be careful with this) by milling 10 cards.

4) What’s the spice?

Doing the same as Super Shenron storm but with bigger numbers, double strikes and of course, Vegito.

5) Why do you want to play the deck and what’s it like playing this deck?

It is more fun to play than Super Shenron storm. I played more cards that I wanted to play and my opponents were surprised most of the time. What I found most pleasant was that people liked playing against it more than the storm version. Yet, the major downside is when you take a second turn. It felt like I was playing alone.

6) What is in your side deck?

I sided 1x Dragon Radar and 1x Child’s Wish because I never really know how many I could use against certain matchups. I also sided 2x Preface of Recovery Son Goku, because these guys can change the deck into a storm version but I never used them. I found 2x Dark Power Black Masked Saiyan useful for the mirror match as well as 2x Burnished Bonds Borgos. One Tien Shinhan, Returning Fire was necessary when I encountered a blue leader. However, I have a feeling this card isn’t going to fit in the deck. I sided 1x Time Control Chronoa because we don’t want our final attack on a yellow leader going all out, end in a Shugesh/Kid Goku. The 2x Haru Haru, Attacker Majin were great to cause the untap and Critical attacks that are always nice, and 2x Mercenary Tao, Ruthless Trainer entered the deck against green matchups.


7) What’s your plan for this deck in the future and how do you see it playing against the meta?

I think this might be a casual/rogue played deck. It can do as much as one of the top tier decks but still be fun for the player as well as for the opponent. Maybe I’ll bring it to a bigger event or someone else will. Anyway, if you like to play Vegito, this is a great deck to have fun with trying out something not many people will expect. With great skill and a bit of practice, you can maybe win a tournament with it.

From all of us at The Lookout, thank you Tjorven and good luck going forward!

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