The Lookout launched a month ago – where are we now?

Dear DBS CG fans and followers of the Lookout,

It’s only been a month and we are already surprised how big of a community we’ve grown. You’ve been 100% supportive of our mission and vision and agreed to give us plenty of information to develop relevant articles and reports.

Here’s the welcome article we started with back in April.

Let us summarise our achievements of the last 30 days:

  • 13 articles posted, including a Europe wide report on the state of play for Q1 and Q2 2019
  • More than 150 followers on Facebook
  • The less popular Twitter and Youtube channels slowly growing
  • Some of our Facebook posts reached more than 700 people

What’s next for us?

More articles!
More deck profiles!
More giveaways!
More event reports!

We’ll continue to do our best and bring you high-end content! Europe is getting more and more attention in terms of support and a growing player base, as we are entering deeper into 2019, and we’d like to keep it that way.

Announcement time!

Not only that we are working on the 2nd state of play in Europe report (Yeeeey!), we will soon be adding more content developers to our team so you can expect even more frequent articles.

We recently started our 7 Question Balls series and we aim to cover a lot of ground in the next few months, primarily by visiting The Netherlands and the UK and participating in major tournaments such as the London Players Guild 6 and 7-star Dragon Ball Tournaments. We will also be attending store preliminaries in Belgium, Croatia and Denmark, in order to bring you the best coverage possible!

How to support us, you ask?

Well, we have a Patreon channel where for only 1 dollar per month, you can support our vision and mission. If you donate more, we’ll be sending you some goodies ranging from deck staple promo cards and PDF versions of our visual materials so you can print your own The Lookout playmat!

Thank you again for all the support and hope to see you at tournaments around Europe!

The Lookout Team

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