REPORTING ON THE UK GAME EXPO (1/7): On my way there!

Dear Dragon Ball Super card game fans,

This is first in the line of 7 articles which I plan to post during the course of the UK GAMES EXPO that takes place in Birmingham, UK this weekend. Also, great news – The Lookout will be issued a Press Pass! Our first one ever! Truly means a lot to the whole team behind this website that’s only been around for less than two months.

What is it all about?

The UK Games Expo is a 3-day event taking place from 31st May to 2nd June in the areas of NEC and Hilton hotels just next to Birmingham International airport. It is the largest hobby games convention in the UK.

I am not only there to report on the Expo and specifically on Dragon Ball Super singles and teams tournaments but also to compete! I crafted a yellow/black skilless Goku deck and I will try to conquer both tournaments. I’ll be reporting all about it here on The Lookout.

Number of players

Altogether 97 singles tournament tickets and 28 teams tournaments tickets were sold until this moment. Hopefully, we get the singles tournaments number of players to a number that will allow us to have 5 swiss rounds instead of 4. Kind of unlikely but still, fingers crossed!

Sealed did not get so much love either, unfortunately, but there might be last minute decisions. I want to play set 5 sealed, personally.

On my way there!

I have to admit it’s not really easy to get to Birmingham from Belgium. Flying from Charleroi to Manchester was a so-so option which I accepted and I am now in a Megabus to Birmingham, so, more than halfway there. I plan to visit a few local game shops as I heard there is a fully-packed local tournament taking place. Let’s see.

Stay tuned for more!




Featured image source: Wikipedia

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