REPORTING ON THE UK GAMES EXPO (2/7): Who topped in the DBS CG singles tournament?

Dear Dragon Ball Super card game fans,

We have the UK GAMES EXPO Singles Dragon Ball Super CG tournament top 16 decks for ya! Here’s it is in written and our buddy Melvin Hansa might do a video coverage on his Senzu Pop YT channel. I’ll be writing a short article about my experience soon. Stay tuned!

Top 16

3x Shenron Gogeta
2x Universe 7 Frieza into HoM (one of them was 1st place in swiss)
1x Dende with Mecha Frieza
4x Janemba
3x VanillaKu (red/yellow, blue and blue again)
1x Vegeta baby
1x Veku ramp
1x Broly starter

Top 4

Shenron Gogeta
VanillaKu blue
Frieza, Universe 7, into HoM (1st place in swiss)

Top 4 was insane!


JANEMBA VS VANILLAKU (blue/black) ->>>>>> Watch it here

Congratulations to all top players! Looking forward to watching the finals now 😀

I went 79th in the end. I played 3 games in a row against Janemba but luckily I main decked 3x Tien, Returning Fire 😀 So I went WIN, DRAW, DRAW, loss. I lost to pure red Pan. I still can’t play properly against that deck :/.

A picture that sums up my morning…




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