REPORTING ON THE UK GAME EXPO (3/7): Three Janembas in a row?!

Dear Dragon Ball Super card game fans,

After doing some long-hours testing with my teammates Remko and Mike, Thursday evening, I felt super ready to compete in the singles tournament on Friday, here at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham.

I entered the Hall 3A, said Hi to a couple of people I know and sat down to finalise my decklist. We waited for the 4-round swiss to start (we were missing four players for the tournaments to be five instead of four rounds of swiss), and when it finally did, I knew how difficult the path would be.

I played VanillaKu Yellow/Black:

Round 1 – Janemba

I went first, got all the cards I needed and pressured so hard in both games that it was impossible for my opponent to mill me or do anything else, actually. I won 2:0. I gotta say that it was one of the friendliest opponents I ever played against. Tien Shinhan, Returning Fire main deck really surprised him as I was locking him down almost every turn. Such a nice start of the tournament for me.

Round 2 – Janemba

This was a much tougher matchup. I lost the first game – milled and all of my over realms were in my life! The second game took so long to play but I outcomboed him every time and won. So it was a draw. Maining Tien Shinhan, Returning Fire was the best decision for this tournament. The long duration of some of my turns wasn’t. Learnings from this match: play faster and avoid playing Whis. He just gets warped by the Demon Sword Janemba.

Round 3 – Janemba

I still can’t believe this happened… My 3rd Janemba in a row in one day! In my first match, I had a good start but I forgot to charge energy in one of the turns. I wanted to scoop right then and there but I didn’t. I played and lost the first game. The second game I had much better cards and I outcomboed my opponent. Tien again worked his Magic and Demigra finished that game. Needless to say, but we did not get to play the 3rd game due to time restrictions. So, again, a draw.

Round 4 – Pan

I needed to win this one in order to make it into the top 50%. I started with a pretty good hand but I did not mount enough power to penetrate Pan’s defence. I was really surprised how fast I lost the first game, actually. The second game, my opponent had everything he needed and my opening hand was shit. So I could not prevent losing to Pan in any way.

I finished 79th but learned a lot and met great people.

The next day I played with Remko and Mike and we got 3rd! You can read about my teams matches here.

Can’t wait to be back to the UK. Next big opportunity – London Players Guild 7-Star Ball tournament on 24th August!

See you all there! Cheers!


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