Reporting on the UK Games Expo (4/7): 3rd place in the DBS CG Team Tournament!

Dear Dragon Ball Super Card Game fans,

I come to you again with a longer report describing the matches I played during the UK Games Expo DBS CG Team Tournament in Birmingham, UK. Our team “Friends and FOE” went 3rd which we are super proud of but as you will see from my report below and from the experience of my teammates which we will soon feature on the website, it was not easy.


Round 1: Pan
Finally, I get to face off against Pan and against the opponent that I lost my first game to in Manchester this year. I played first in game one and confidently pushed forward taking game one with pure early pressure. During game two, he defended so well but I managed to get my Over Realm cards do most of the work and that’s how I took my first match. My teammates ended up doing well too and we went to round 2 as winners.

Round 2: Dende Frieza

Not the first time for me playing against this deck either. I started swinging like mad and doing critical attacks almost every turn. This made my opponent drop cards so I took round one easily. We went into game two and my opponent managed to put me to 2-3 cards in hand early game. I managed to draw and draw and draw every turn, in order to keep at least one negate in my hand and also my Son Goku in the field. I ended up swinging with my Mira which won me game two. As a team, we were then 2:0.

Round 3: Janemba

Another Janemba! After not losing to 3 Janemba decks yesterday, I told myself that I must continue like this further on. I ended up almost getting milled the first round, but I pressed on hard and won. For game 2, I sided in an extra Whis, Mira, Double Strike Kai and two Bad Ring Lasers and I started pressing very hard again. The game took a while but I heard that my teammates also won their games so I calmed down. I won with my Demigra anyway 🙂 We were 3:0 at that point.

Round 4: Pan

Another Pan deck. I really had enough of them in the last two days. It’s a tough matchup, especially if they play Planet M-5 to KO my precious 1 drops every turn. I started playing slowly and kept KOing my opponents battle cards but I lost the first game. We started playing the 2nd game which also started badly for me but I soon heard both of my teammates won their matches so we stop playing to get some rest between games. We were at 4:0 then and super excited to be this close to topping the tournament.

Round 5: Red Frieza

This was just nuts! We did not know that even if we lose we would get into top 8 and round 6 of swiss would not be played. Even better that we didn’t cause we did our best. We lost, but most people were relieved because of that and they could go to watch Liverpool crush Tottenham in the Champions League finals :). The standings were posted immediately after finishing round 5 with one team only having 5:0.

I played against Red Frieza and lost both matches due to a few mistakes in the late game. He had all his blockers in place at the right time. I could not remove all of them and the Paralysis negates either killed my one drops or worse, decreased my heavy hitters so it was easier for my opponent to defend his leader. Quadruple Strike won him that game. I moved to stream as we were finishing our 2nd game and my opponent assembled a full army against me. What else to say than that I did not have my Flying Nimbus when I needed it most.

Top 8: Gogeta (Game promo)

Still could not believe that we made Top 8! 🙂
I ended up facing against the new Gogeta from a new DBS Nintendo game. I never played against it and when I read the card I knew what to expect. My battle cards in both games ended up being KOed every turn, either by Vekus or the Leader’s effect. I lost the first game and I dominated in the second one due to early pressure. Entering game 3 we realised our Player A won his match and because our Player B lost, I only needed to draw. That’s what happened because the time was called on our game 3 and there was no way either of us could win in only 2 turns. We made it into top 4!

Top 4: Vanillaku Blue/Black

I got to play my first mirror match in the whole two days of amazing matches. Needless to say that my opponent swarmed the board with his battle cards easily in game 1, also leaving me un-awakened for most of the duration of the game. That was a 1:0 for him. In the second game, I pulled two Fearless Assault Krillins and attacked with both of them on my turn 2, awakened and attacked with the third one I pulled from my life. My opponent took all three critical hits, which gave me a huge advantage. We both kept playing a huge number of battle cards each turn and took turns clashing our skiless beaters one into another. I ended up taking game 2 due to being awakened earlier and swinging like mad. We started game 3 and time was called. It was a draw since there was no way either of us could win in 3 turns. At the same time, my teammates unfortunately but bravely lost their matches and we were up to compete for 3rd place.

3rd place: Janemba

The toughest matchup for sure!

My opponent opened game one and I found myself with most of the cards I needed to start with, already in my hand. Two turns later my SCR Demigra and SR Mira got milled. Nothing I could do about that so I kept on playing. My opponent defended so well and milled me out by turn 6. Game one went to him. I started game 2 and set up with a perfect hand, now having both over realm cards I needed, ready in my hand. I started swinging and during turn 3, 4 and 5 I played three Tien Shinhan, Returning Fire. I locked my opponent, attacked with my Demigra, stole some of the super combos and different Janembas from his hand but he was still left with 5 or 6 negates. The Demon Sword Janemba KOed my SCR, but luckily I had a full board of 15K+ attackers ready to swing. He used Senzu Bean on what would end up being his last turn and prepared for my assault. With the help of my teammates, I started swinging, knowing that they played 1:0 and 0:1, meaning it’s up to me to draw and we would win 3rd place due to Mike – Player A winning his match! I swung with all my battle cards but one 1 drop Son Goku. Almost all of my attacks ended up being negated and the ones able to go through were not strong enough. My opponent was still standing with 2 life and 1 card in his hand. My Son Goku is only 5K but I swung with it, my opponent used his last card in hand to use Janemba’s negate attack effect. I smiled and used Over Realm to bring Mira, Creator Absorbed for 1 energy. I swung with it, gave it Double Strike and my opponent took the last two life that he had. It was a draw and there was no more time left to play game 3.

Team Friends and FOE took 3rd place in the UK Games Expo Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team Tournament!

Thank you sooooooo much to my teammates without whom this would have never been possible! Remko and Mike, you are the best! I’d be happy to team up with you again anytime! We also recorded our deck profiles – check them out here.

I played my Vanillaku Yellow/Black combination (very similar to what I played the first day). I actually used 2x Whis in the main and I did not run Bardocks in the side deck.


Shoutouts to London Players Guild for ensuring a great stream throughout the whole two days of tournaments. Another one to Sze-Chun from My Wife Hates Games for amazing commentary and follow up with so many deck profiles and a podcast recorded with Remko and me. Shoutout also to my Croatian buddies for supporting me throughout the whole duration of the two tournaments and to my family for cheering for me.

Happy to be back to the UK again and you can for sure expect me in London on 24th August!

P.S. Personal new record achieved: No match losses against Janemba! 2 wins, 3 draws in two days of tournaments!

Check out the rest of our UK Games Expo coverage on our website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more fun stuff in the future.



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