Set 7 Sneak Peek: Tokitoki City

Dear Dragon Ball Super CG fans,

I bring to you today a short commentary on one of the new cards announced yesterday: Toki Toki City!

It was only a matter of time when over realm will get super strong support. With the cards coming in the Anniversary box and cards from set 7 revealed so far, we can predict black leaders and aggro decks will see a lot of play as of September 2019 (Not even Janemba will be able to stop them!).

Screenshot 2019-06-14 at 17.39.16

Tokitoki City
, the base of operations of the Time Patrol where they can obtain the gear that they need and go to masters for training, was turned into a powerful field card that keeps your over realm battle cards on the field for one turn. You have to “charge” it though, as it requires to remove three cards under it to activate its Activate: Main effect. Well, you are activating at least one over realm skill every turn anyway, even twice sometimes if you have Wormhole active on the field. I predict here a bit more support to arrive in set 7 for the Activate: Main effect to be used more frequently.Nevertheless, when you awaken your leader Demigra (as soon as possible, one hopes), you will be able to have enough cards under Tokitoki City every second turn. This makes it possible for one to grow a massive army of free over realm menaces. Bigger maybe than the one Bonds of Friendship Son Goku can mount.

Well, I personally will play the card in my Demigra, Bardock and a few other decks I’m now brewing so don’t be surprised if you see a deck profile coming up on our YouTube channel during the summer months (even with proxies) 😀

Until then, let me know what’s your favourite card from set 7 so far and how would you use it?



Images source: DBSCG official page: Series 7 announcement

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