SET 7 Sneak Peek: The Return of “Hand Control” decks

At the earlier stages of the game, players used to play Android hand control decks before the Cell ban hit.

A reasonably long time has passed since we have seen quality hand control archetypes, and thankfully, with the better Lord Slug support, we have seen it work yet again.

The recent Series 7 announcements have shown us that they intend to support this archetype even further with the Saiyan (Raditz) saga themed red and green cards and we at The Lookout could not be more excited!

Ever since the initial Raditz announcement we have wondered how he would fit into the game and which abilities we could see in a potential Raditz Leader card.

With the reveal of the ‘Raditz, Brotherly Hate’ Leader card, we finally have the answer!

After a long while, we have another ‘Hand Control’ leader which just might have what it takes to work fine.

It’s unique red/green combination guarantees that we will be able to combine it with already existing green support cards, including the Series 7 support cards that are, mostly, yet to be announced.

The main ‘Auto’ focuses on hand destruction, while his ‘Activate Main’ focuses on strengthening its own green and red cards for added aggro.

It is interesting to notice that Raditz, Brotherly Hate is one of the few leaders that do not have a “Draw a card” “Auto”. While you still get a one card difference by “Warping” an opponents card, the player could further use the “Defending Father Paragus” “Super Combo” card to draw 2 (and “Warp” 1) to go faster through the deck.

The front side still has not been revealed, so we will have to wait a while more before we see it, especially which “Awakening” benefit will we get to use. One that would untap energy certainly could not hurt.

One final thing, for now, to consider is that ‘Raditz, Brotherly Hate’ is a green card, even though it is designed to be coupled up with a red/green combo. Because of this, cards like ‘Tien Shinhan, Returning Fire’ will be a bit expensive to use.

Not only that we have an interesting new leader card to choose from, but two additional cards have been revealed.

A multicolored card with the new ‘Alliance’ ability which ensures card advantage all the while giving the card more power and ‘Critical’ to ensure that you absolutely have more cards in your hand than your opponent.

An important thing to mention is that ‘Alliance’ is an ‘Auto’ skill so if we end up using the skill, and are countered, we will not be at a complete loss since we will still draw 2 cards.

We must not forget that to trigger it completely, one of the cards has to be <Son Gohan: Youth> of course, which will probably be ‘Newfound Power Son Gohan’, useful for a quick ‘Awakening’ and goes well with the ‘Critical’ theme that could potentially be created here. Of course, the new set might give us a new good choice for this role, but for that, we shall just have to wait and see.

If that was not enough, the next card ‘Counters’ all doubt…

Here we have a ‘Counter: Play’ card which, partnered up with a multicoloured setup, brutally KOs an opponents card while maining the hand destruction theme by sending another of our opponent’s cards into their Warp.

What Bandai has more in store for us remains to be seen, but we cannot deny the pure potential we see here which seems a certain way to diversify the deck pool.

Hope you have enjoyed the read, have a great day!

Images source: DBSCG official page: Series 7 announcement

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