What do you get when you fuse SS Gogeta, the Unstoppable and SSB Gogeta, Frenzied Burst? Evidently, you get Fused Zamasu, Supreme Strike

With the new set seven reveals, it was up to me to cover the Zamasu part of the blue engine. Okay, I volunteered because of my tendency to play the ramp Gogeta leader as we speak. Zamasu’s secondary ability is one of a cheaper board wipe that works in combination with his second auto that decreases his power when battling opposing leaders. It’s in your best interest to maintain your opponent’s board on a low count so you can stall your way to your victory. But what is the endgame? This leader has an alternate win condition that is ramping your opponent to eight energy, then placing four of his life to the bottom of their deck. If the opponent has five life, your Infinite Force Fused Zamasu can get rid of one of their lives with his auto (so no Mafuba or other counter other that a Crusher Ball and a Cold Bloodlust can deal with him) and then proceed with the leaders Acivate: Main to get rid of the remaining four. That shouldn’t be an issue.

The issue is with ramping your opponent. I remember, from the good old days of Vs System the Injustice gang team, bandind the greatest DC villains in a group. Their objective was to give your opponent a massive hand then punishing them for having it without any manner of playing the extra cards they gained with the effects. We could have that here in DBS in Zamasu and in the other card, SS Rose Goku Black, Inviting the Darkness:

He ramps us and then potentially the opponent. He is balanced, as all things should be (if you didn’t notice, this is the second Avengers reference) as he can’t charge your opponent with his dragon balls or negates, just with battle cards. The card has barrier, but with 10k power, he is a target for Harmonic Energy SSB Vegeta. The part that is not yet shown are other ways to ramp your opponent. With just this Goku black, even playing multiple others you have to have another way of forcing energy in the opposing area because the player facing you can just decide to not put anything during their Charge phase while you have to get them to eight so you can win. Another glaring anti-Zamasu deck is his aforementioned inferior, SS Gogeta, The Unstoppable because he can KO his own energy so you should have a way to out ramp even him.

The Anniversary box helps with setting up your board with the new Zamasu support, but only the new ones, including the unrevealed can help put it where it needs to be. Inevitable victory to end all mortals.

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