7 Questionballs: Remko Looten’s UK Games Expo experience

Dear Dragon Ball Super CG fans,

We bring you today a short interview with Remko Looten, a veteran player from the Netherlands who had a great streak this year so far, going top 16 in first DBS CG European Open Championship in Manchester (Feb 2019) and top 16 again in the UK Games Expo singles tournament. With ‘Friends and FOE’ he won 3rd place in the UK Games Expo team tournament.

1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Remko Looten, and I am part of team FOE. I started playing right after DBS was launched in the USA after I had some cards imported. From there on out we started playing with a small group around 8 people. Then we had DBS launch in Europe and it really took off from there.

I have been playing card games for almost 30 years now, and I keep enjoying them. I started out with MtG, then Pokemon, and after that, I played a whole bunch of other card games. Before I started with DBS I was playing Game of Thrones the LCG from Fantasy Flight Games for a couple of years.

Now I only play DBS, and still, love it!

2) You recently participated in the UK Games Expo Dragon Ball Super CG tournaments. What deck did you play and how did you perform in the Singles tournament on 31st May?

After talking to my teammate Diego, I decided to play U7 Frieza with Victory Strike. I was still undecided between Cheelai, Broly, and U7 at that time. The deck took me to top 16 in the singles event. I like the deck because I am a control player at heart. And this deck played 12 negates and 3 BRL’s main deck. It is not a built people think is really good, but it works for me. I went undefeated through swiss, and my loss in top 16 was against Shengeta.

3) You were part of the “Friends and FOE” team for the Dragon Ball Super CG team tournament on 1st June. Congratulations on winning 3rd place! The Lookout recorded your deck profile but can you tell us a bit about your swiss matches throughout that tournament?

To be fair I am really bad at remembering matches during tournaments like this. In the end, I think I went 5-3 in the team event personally. The main thing that happened is that we got the wins or draws we needed at the right times.

4) What can you tell us about your Top 8, Top 4 and 3rd place matches?

Again my memory on matches I played is failing me. I know I did enjoy all of those matches a lot. Even the ones I lost in the end.

5) Is there anything you would change in the decks you played or in the sideboard?

I think both my decks were solid overall. So I would not really change anything in the format we played. Maybe things need to change when the expansions and Anniversary box hit, but we will see about that in the near future.

6) What is your overall experience of the UK Games Expo and the DBS CG players you met during the long weekend in the UK?

The singles event started later then it was supposed to. Otherwise, the tournaments went fine. I would change the number of rounds in the single event. It was weird we played more rounds of swiss in the team event. The people I met all were awesome! Loved talking to all of them! Special shout out to Bruno and Sandy from team EXT! Spent a lot of time with them during the tournament in between rounds.

7) Are you going to participate in other tournaments this year? Which ones?

Yes, I will be playing in a few bigger tournaments this year. Frankfurt in August and in September I will be playing in the Extravaganza in Utrecht, and in Barcelona. And then we also got the European finals of course!

In all of these tournaments, I will have one or more teammates with me, and we will be representing team FOE Europe! I hope to see a lot of players I already met and people I have not met yet somewhere this year!

Next year we will be going to the USA and try our luck there.

Thank you very much Remko for answering our 7 questionballs. Looking forward to more thoughts from you in the future and good luck in the upcoming tournaments.


The Lookout team



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