Let’s play Dragon Ball Super Card Game – Commander!

Dear Dragon Ball Super card game fans,

We bring you today a short article about a fun new DBS CG format we were asked to test.

A few weeks back, during a bigger DBS CG event in Europe (yes, we have those now) :), London Players Guild‘s (LPG) Piotr came to me and asked me if The Lookout team would like to test a new DBS Card Game format – Commander and promote it through our channels. I said yes, of course.

As it seemed that my guys and I would be scattered all throughout Europe this July, we could not really plan to do testing, but what we decided to do is write a short article about what the DBS CG Commander format is all about. I personally watched the live-streamed gameplay on LPG’s Twitch channel and I really love how the format looks like. It reminds me a lot on VS System’s 4 or more players formats (e.g. two-headed mutant) which I had a great time playing when I was a kid.

If you played any Commander format in the past (e.g. Magic), you would know most of the rules are quite straightforward. You have a 50 card deck in case of DBS Commander + 1x leader card and + 1x Commander card and you play until you or one of your opponents run out of life or you or one of your opponents are out of cards in deck (aside from other skills that can win a game for you). It’s best to play between 4 players but more is also possible. Other, more specific rules are:

1. Choose a Battle Card, needs to be SPR or SCR (you can proxy). You can use paired SPRs from WMAT together as paired. This will be called Commander for now.
2. Commander decides the colours you can play in your deck. Check all colours of the card and in the text of the card (SCR Vegito is both Red and Blue).
3. The leader needs to match one of the colours of your Commander. Cards in deck need to either match the colour of Commander or be black.
4. Singleton – the maximum of 1 copy of each card is allowed in a deck. Infinite Meta Cooler breaks this rule, as always (card trumps the rules).
5. Super Combo, Dragon Ball and Ultimate limitations are still in place.
6. Commander is always considered to be in your hand (but you start the game by placing it next to your leader), and cannot be discarded. If Commander would be removed from play (bounce, KO, Warp etc.) you can choose to put him back in Command instead of ending there. This does not work for taking control.
7. For every time you played your Commander, increase the cost to play it by 2. (First time you play it normally, the second time you need to pay additional 2 energy, the third time you pay additional 4, etc.).
8. The ban list consists of the SS3 leader, 7-drop Gogeta and 2-drop Hercule from set 3.
9. All errata on all cards are removed.
10. Instant win effects (VS, Beerus) only eliminate one player from a game.
11. Effects that affect opponent affect all of them. If a card chooses up to x cards, you choose a total of x cards between your opponents.
12. No one can attack during their very first turn in a 4-player game.

For more details, LPG made a YouTube video and you can find their testing videos on their Twitch channel linked above. Kudos for creating all these!


I am personally super stoked because I’ll be in London on 24th August (LPG’s 7-Star ball event) to see this side event taking place and I’m considering to participate in it depending on my placement in the big tournament. I would like to try my Demigra singleton deck with all the fun new stuff that’s coming out in set 7. I suppose it will arrive in Europe by then. I see a lot of potential in playing so many over realm and dark over realm cards that your opponent does not expect at all! Let’s see how this will work and how all those silver bullets could come in handy. I’ll post a decklist in another article so stay tuned!

Let us know what deck you would build for the Commander format and whether you would like to try it in London in August or somewhere in your area in the next months.

The Lookout team will test this exciting new casual format between 4 players at the first opportunity and we will be posting an article about it for starters and follow up with more content in the future.

Congratulations and thank LPG’s Piotr for introducing the DBS community to this fun new format!



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