After listening to an event stream from PPG, I heard Peter Cattani, one of the commentators, having a discussion with a buddy of his that Zamasu should be a meme deck and that the deck cannot be a winning one. So I took my cards, I hurried up, the choice was mine, I didn’t think enough… Yes, I took and changed Blink-182’s Adam’s Song for my situation. The list was simple and I wanted to spam the board with blockers, all the while trying to attack with as much precison as needed in order to keep my opponent’s board in check. The lessons I have learned were hard ones since I played against two variations of KidKu and a mono red Pan. I lost against both KidKu, but managed to win the Pan mathcup. In retrospect, I had made a lot of mistakes and did not know how to play this kind of deck because I got fixated on some of the ideas and I threw a bunch of cards in a deck hoping that they would stick. If you look at the list the glaring flaws will be evident.

1x Power of Potara – Vegito, Kefla & Zamasu
3x Fused Zamasu, Divine Providence
3x Fused Zamasu, the Cunning
4x SS Rose Goku Black, Inviting the Darkness
2x Nightmare Scythe Goku Black
3x Goku Black, Countdown to Destruction
4x Goku Black, Evil’s Accomplice
3x Zamasu, the Mastermind
4x Beerus, Fickle God
3x Champa the Trickster
1x Undying Spirit Son Gohan
4x North Kai, Keeping watch
3x Plan for Destruction
2x Mass Replication
4x Dimension Magic
3x Senzu Bean
3x Frost’s Deadly Poison

Okay, so first things first. The super combo of the deck was not Elegant Assistance Heles from the Ultimate box because the 3 drop Goku Black can possibly charge it and I would be stuck with a color that does nothing for me in the long run. The problem here was that with every leader swing I am able to take a Zamasu or Goku Black card from the top 5, but lose access to every other card in the deck so even when I use my super combo I have dead cards and I only draw one. Many times have I had all of the battle cards needed for me to play in every possible moment, but the extra cards were just the ones I had from the starting hand and the ones I got from life. Thus, the first change is switching the super combo.

Next up, we have the Mass Replication conundrum. I used two of them and four of the Goku Black that can activate them with his Activate: Main ability. My theory was that I mulligan for him or a Mass Replication and I’m set for the rest of the game by playing various Goku Black every turn and gaining the blocker Shadow tokens. The problem was that the 2 drop Goku Black, Evil’s Accomplice is a card that, including him entering play, is costing you two cards from hand. You don’t want that so I decided to change it up a bit by having three Mass Replication and only one Goku Black because he can come in handy as fusion material with deflect and has combo power as a battle card. My new approach to playing the deck would be that you do not have to mulligan for the blocker options, but to have a stable enough hand to endure the first couple of turns. The field card can enter play in a later stage of the game, even when you are at five energy and then playing Nightmare Scythe Goku Black, completely tapping out and using Sparking negates (Dimension Magic in this list), switching two energy to active mode and having three blockers with the option to negate another attack with the blue/yellow Zamasu counter battle card.

You will not have problems with blue Goku Blacks staying on board since you do not usually attack a lot with them and almost all of them have barrier. The yellow Zamasu that has to be in play can be an issue, but the moment you use the Counter: Attack Fused Zamasu, the Cunning, you have the neccessary yellow Zamasu in play that will not leave the Battle area (the card has Indestructible) and since he also does not attack a lot you will safely have the card for Union-Potara.

Fusing the 8 drop Zamasu monster is not difficult at all. Never thought that I would say that. The six cost is high, but you don’t have much to worry about since you take your opponent’s next turn away from him and into his energy area. You use the Plan for Destruction to ramp yourself up a bit and the 3 drop Goku Black helps a lot with the self-ramp, so you gain the six energy fast. The only thing to remember here is to not fuse the gentleman until you have seven energy or some awesome way of defending yourself because of the main issue I had while playing it, which was board removal. Yes, you can have An Unexpected turn sided and yes, you can main Kami, Global Unifier but you need something to help your cause. Your opponent will stop charging energy at five and make such a wide board that you will not have enough blockers, so even when you create your Fused Zamasu, Divine Providence, you still cannot win with your leader’s wincon. That is why I put my sights on Goku Black, the Replicator, a 4 drop that forces one of your opponents battle cards to his energy area and little did I know that the missing piece was in the new Draft box 04: Dragon Brawl.

Esteemed people that are on the Lookout, I present to you a prototype and a promise, just like a regular manifesto, the Zero Mortals Plan Manifesto:

1x Power of Potara – Vegito, Kefla & Zamasu
3x Fused Zamasu, Divine Providence
3x Fused Zamasu, the Cunning
2x Goku Black, the Replicator
4x SS Rose Goku Black, Inviting the Darkness
2x Nightmare Scythe Goku Black
3x Goku Black, Countdown to Destruction
1x Goku Black, Evil’s Accomplice
3x Beerus, Fickle God
2x Champa the Trickster
4x Son Goku and Son Gohan, Saiyans of Earth
4x Elegant Assistance Heles
3x Plan for Destruction
2x Mass Replication

2x Zen-Oh Button
3x Dimension Magic
2x Flying Nimbus
4x Senzu Bean
2x Frost’s Deadly Poison

The plan is simple. You mulligan for the green/blue battle card and you place it in your energy, then pass the turn or attack with your leader if you went second. You attack with the leader every turn. Second turn you charge your Beerus, Fickle God or another blue/yellow card and pass turn. Now you have something to defend yourself while maintaining your hand. You play SS Rose Goku Black, Inviting the Darkness on the third turn and ramp yourself up and attack or just pass the turn and defend against your opponent, maybe playing Plan for Destruction and Senzu Bean for defense. On your fourth turn you charge and play Goku Black, the Replicator, charging one of the opposing battle cards. This is the part where it gets interesting. You should let your opponent to get you to four life so you can use your green super combo so you can use the Arrival from Son Goku and Son Gohan, Saiyans of Earth, placing  another of your opponent’s battle cards in their energy area and making sure that he gets to six energy in any way possible. You have the Zen-Oh Button to put your energy to active mode having enough resources for the Arrival. You have Flying Nimbus if the opponent has a large board, and you should find a way to negate his attack with Fused Zamasu, the Cunning to have a yellow Zamasu in play for your sixth energy to ramp your opponent up and remove four of his life. The thing here is that you have Mass Replication that can be used situationaly with the Nightmare Scythe Goku Black, but the main thing is that the Goku and Gohan really help with ramping your opponent.

I see an issue with dealing against non-attacking decks like Shenron, but you should have the time to establish a board of blockers if that is the case, all the while having Champa the Trickster stall out a Kaio-ken Son Goku, Defender of Earth or a Gogeta, Hero Revived so when the turn ends you play Goku Black, the Replicator to charge the card in the opposing energy area. Frost’s Deadly Poison can help you against a well-timed Tien Shinhan, Returning Fire, but I have to be honest, I see a problem with the U6 matchup. You do have the two Flying Nimbus at your disposal, but you should side An Unexpected turn and another copy of Nimbus, as well as Kami to clear out their board. Janemba can be slowed down with the Goku and Gohan by placing any version of the Janemba battle card in his energy area, but Janemba should just be overrun with the SCR and sided Infinite Force Fused Zamasu.

I believe that the new green/blue multi colored card works well with this archetype, since we never got a better super combo for God cards except a green one, so to play Heles is kind of a blessing now in a Zamasu deck. It needs more playtesting and piloting, but the deck the deck has proven to be a bit of a challenge when not having all the pieces. Maybe you can find space for two Bardock, Awakened Instincts and sacrifice the Mass Replication theme. I will keep testing this version and I hope it proves to be a bit more than a meme deck. It has its flaws, but it also has some good matchups. I will keep you updated on the process.

Thank you mortals,

Zamas… I mean, Ivan

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