Zagreb, Croatia meta in September 2019 (+Demo day info!)

ear DBS card game fans,

In this article we are covering the Dragon Ball Super Card Game scene in Zagreb, Croatia. This is the home city of The Lookout’s representatives. We will be doing more frequent reports of the Zagreb meta from now on. We might be super small compared to DBS-decks or MyWifeHatesGames but we will do our best.

Here’s the outline from two previous tournaments:

1st September 2019:

  • 3x KidKu (Blue/Black, Yellow/Black, Blue/Red/Black)
  • 1x Frieza prison
  • 1x Zamasu (BT7)
  • 1x Pan Agro
  • 1x Red Gogeta Agro (BT6)
  • 1x Janemba mill (mono blue)
  • 1x Frieza (BT1) (Cheelai/Broly lock)

A KidKu mirror match (Blue/Black vs. Yellow/Black took place in the finals. The Blue/Black build prevailed and the Zamasu deck found its place in top 4.

7th September 2019:

  • 1x Shenron ramp
  • 1x KidKu Blue
  • 1x Red Broly (BT7)
  • 1x Zen-Oh Maidens

A great new Shenron ramp build prevailed over Yellow/Black KidKu in the finals.

Some pics from the tournaments below!

If you are still getting to know the game or if you are just interested, swing by 14th and 28th September during the Dragon Ball Super Card Game Demo Days in Carta Magika, Frankopanska 20, Zagreb.

You will get:

  1. A free demo deck to play with
  2. To meet an amazing community
  3. Lots of great cards to build a more powerful deck

Let us know your feedback when you try out this great game!


The Lookout Team

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