European Championship Finals 2019 Report: Andrija Visic

The European DBS Card Game Championship Finals 2019 was a great experience for European players!

The Lookout went with two representatives, Ivan Ostarcevic and me. Here’s my report below.


9 rounds and a top 16 took place over the course of 2 days!

Round 1. JANEMBA (GUY) – Win (2:0)

A very nice Greek player Stelios Bouzalas who might have been a bit too surprised with how KidKu can swing 5 times in one turn. The matches did not take long as I drew perfectly and finished off both games without needing my turn 5 bombs, only the East Kai double strike.

Round 2. SLUG – Win (2:0)

A very experienced Spanish Slug player Oriol Gomez who gave its best but could not survive the pressure of so many 1 and 2 drops hitting his awakened leader. Game two was a bit more difficult but the draw power of Blue Black Kid Ku deck is unmatched. Even when Tao is played and then KOed with Krillin the turn after 🙂

Round 3. SHENRON VEGGIES – Win (2:1)

A wonderful DBSCG fan and player from Spain, Javier Loma played the craziest deck I’ve seen so far. He put so many of those Aliens on the field and I was overrun in Game 1. It was impossible to win when Champa hit the field and gave all of them +10K power and double strike. We went to game two and I locked his plays and attacks with Dark Powered Black Masked Saiyan and Son Goku Striving to be the Best. I won that one fast. We went to game 3 in which we had time to play, but my lock was not as good as in game two. So my opponent played his best play with all the aliens out in the field and champa, ofc., but I had a monster hand and defended so well. I was left on 1 life and won the next turn. I had 3 wins at that point. I was delighted.


Round 4. TOWA – Loss (1:2)

Then comes my worst matcup and a great UK player Ving San. I lose round one to him being first and me not drawing OK at all. The 2nd game I went 1st but my deck bricked again. Not that it would be any more different, maybe, cause Towa usually wins against my version of KidKu.

Round 5. PORUNGA RAMP – Draw

A great UK player Ahmad Akhter who tried his best and won game 1 just to get overwhelmed game 2 with my Force Ejection Masked Saiyans. That card’s no joke. Game 3 went into time and I just did not have enough combo power to finish him on my last turn. My first draw.

Round 6. SHENGETA Draw

I went to play a friend of mine from Germany, Enrico Bonomo. Wanted so bad to be paired against him only to realise that we’d draw. Our second one that day. I stormed him game 1, but it took a while. Game 2 took even longer as I almost had him. Going in with a double striker was supposed to be it, but he managed to defend it by 5K. Ofc. I lost the next turn. Time was called and we had to go to round 3 with only 3 turns left to play. There was still hope though.

Round 7. TOWA (again!) – Loss (0:2)

After running into Towa again, played by Marcus Clayton, I kinda new what’s coming. The matchup is awful. I lost both games even due to bad plays from both sides at some point. The deck is super consistent and does not give me room to advance on any front.


Round 8. JANEMBA – Win (2:0)

A great player from Chile who lives in Spain, Enzo Simi. That Janemba is no joke but when Gogeta and Demigra come in, Jamemba loses. Good games, both of them, but KidKu had it.


A player from Greece, Dionisis Andronikos, who loves playing Shenron Ribrianne and kicks ass with it. I misplayed so badly game one and lost. Even though I had everything to kill him with Gogeta or Demigra on turn 5. The game took too long though as he was thinking way too much. Game two I tried to speed up and I won, finally, but there was no time for game 3.

This is how I placed 102nd out of 292 players. I can be happy, I guess to be at least in top 40%.

Here’s my deck list below, along with the side deck:


Wanted to say that I really had an awesome time and I will never forget it. I was warming up to the finals ever since Bandai announced it last Spring. I am a bit sad that I did not make st least in top 32 but I guess I need way more training for that and a deck that people are not used to play against.


Happy to have met wonderful people though and made so many friends.

If you want to let us know how your experience was, please let us know and we can see to publish your story on our website.

Until then, you can also read Ivan’s experience. He ended up 33rd!


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