Interview with the 2019 DBSCG Italian Finals Champion: Lorenzo Zanuttigh

Dear fans,

We bring you below a short interview with the Champion of the Italian DBSCG Finals tournament held in Parma, Italy on 26/27 October. His name is Lorenzo Zanuttigh and he comes from Udine.

He’s part of the team shown below. Congratulations Lorenzo and congratulations to the whole team for securing two spots in top 4!


1. How did you enjoy the event and what do you think it means for the Italian community?

I enjoyed the event a lot. It was very well organised, people were correct and fair and judges were prepared. I think nobody could expect 164 players. It was a total surprise. The most populated official Italian event before didn’t list more than 50 players.

2. What deck did you play and why?

I played the U6 engine in the usual form, with the Cabba leader from the expert deck. I think it’s the most versatile deck in the actual meta. It allows the player to change his game style very quickly, from rush to control even in the same game.


3. What were your hardest matchups? For what did you prepare the most?

I tried hard vs my friend and team mate Diego (4th place) who played a red/green arrival deck with the Yamcha leader from set 5. I think red decks were the hardest to face. I was afraid of red Gogeta: Br and Frieza prison but fortunately I didn’t have to play against them.

4. What did you side deck and why?

In the side I considered a lot the possible mirror match, and put 3 Unexpected Turns, Time Magic and Cabba, The Revoker that negates an attack and cancels the ability of a card (e.g. Champa & Vados) for the duration of the turn.


5. Do you want to send a special thanks to someone?

I’d like to thank my parents and my girlfriend for their support. I’m always thanking my teammate Diego Cristiani and Davide del Negro for their constant help in the testing (and all my & their friends that helped me prepare for this event).

On behalf of the Lookout team,
thank you Lorenzo and plenty of luck in Brussels!



Here’s also the breakdown of leaders played in the Italian finals, provided to us by the great Davide del Negro (Thank you!):



As a reminder for everyone, the “grand finals” of European DBS CG will be held in Brussels and top 16 players from France, Italy and the rest of Europe (French, Italian and English cards) will play at the top of the Atomium on 14th December! So, 48 players will compete for this prestigious award by playing a specially modified format. More info soon.


Expect plenty of coverage from The Lookout!

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