Interview with the 2019 DBSCG European Finals Champion: Diego Bertholet

Dear fans,

We bring you below a short interview with the Champion of the European DBSCG Championship Finals (English cards) tournament held in Coventry, UK on 26/27 October. His name is Diego Bertholet and he comes from Landgraaf, The Netherlands. He plays  local tournament’s in the Kai of Cards game shop. and he’s part of the Team F.O.E. Europe.

Congratulations Diego and congratulations to the whole team for securing two spots in top 8 (big ups for Man Hiem Cheung) and also one more player making it to top 32 (go Remko Looten!)!

1. What does being the champion mean to you?

In all honesty I am really happy that I finally have proven myself to be one of the best European players.


2. What do you think the finals and other big 2019 DBSCG tournaments meant for the European community?

I think it’s a good step going forwards. We need more bigger tournaments though – something like regionals.

3. You won with red Gogeta: Br. What were your hardest matchups?

My hardest matchup was red yellow apes because as soon as the 5 drop ape hits the board everything gets barrier and I don’t have answers for barrier.


4. Do you know what you’ll play with the arrival of set 8 and what kind of meta are you expecting?

At this moment I really love the red Beerus leader with red-yellow arrival mechanics.

5. Do you want to send a special thanks to someone?

On behalf of the Lookout team,
thank you Diego and plenty of luck in Brussels!

Here’s also the breakdown of leaders played in the European finals, provided by MyWifeHatesGames (Thank you!), where you can also find Diego’s deck profile:


As a reminder for everyone, the “grand finals” of European DBS CG will be held in Brussels and top 16 players from France, Italy and the rest of Europe (French, Italian and English cards) will play at the top of the Atomium on 14th December! So, 48 players will compete for this prestigious award by playing a specially modified format. More info soon.


Expect plenty of coverage from The Lookout!

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