Interview with the 2019 DBSCG French Finals Champion: Remi Huerta

Dear fans,

We bring you below a short interview with the Champion of the French DBSCG Championship Finals tournament held in Vichy, France on 2-3 November. His name is Remi Huerta and he comes from Toulouse, France. He’s a member of Team Potara and the Toulouse community.

Congratulations Remi!

1. How did you enjoy the event and what do you think it means for the French community?

It was my first big event in this game (excluding regionals) so I enjoyed it a lot. Having 418 players at a French Championship is great for the community and I hope it will continue in the years to come.

france champ

2. What deck did you play and why?

I didn’t want to play a very expected deck like Porunga, Towa or U6 because most players are prepared to face them. That’s why I played a red/green Pan which is agressive as well as defensive and can beat all meta decks.

3. What were your hardest matchups? For what did you prepare the most?

To test the match-ups I played against my team mates : Towa, Janemba, U6 with Cabba or Broly, etc. Towa was a very closed match-up because it depended a lot on my starting hand and first turns. During the tournament, I got a loss and a draw against Towa.

4. What did you side deck and why?

In my side deck, I had additional copies of some cards of my main deck like red counter attacks (very strong against U6) or Saiyan Cabba (to be more aggro against Porunga or Towa). I played also Elder, Village Guardian against Janemba and Denial of Hope in some match-ups like Baby.


5. Do you want to send a special thanks to someone?

I’d like to thank the community of Toulouse for their support, and more especially my team mates Thomas Barlier, Maxime Jaumard and Joffrey Antraygues (Team Potara) for the training.


On behalf of the Lookout team,
thank you Remi and good luck in Brussels!


Here’s also the breakdown of leaders played in the European finals, provided by John Lebouteiller (Thank you!):

1x Hit (BT7)
1x Pan (R/G)
5x Broly U6
4x Porunga
2x Baby Vegeta
2x Towa
1x Cabba U6

As a reminder for everyone, the “grand finals” of European DBS CG will be held in Brussels and top 16 players from France, Italy and the rest of Europe (French, Italian and English cards) will play at the top of the Atomium on 14th December! So, 48 players will compete for this prestigious award by playing a specially modified format shown below (new errata’s apply!). More info soon.



Expect plenty of coverage from The Lookout!

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