Report from the top 16 Belgian player at the DBSCG European Championship Finals 2019: Wim Eliano

Hey guys,

KTM EU Captain Wim Eliano here, I wanted to write a little report on my Euro’s experience.

Friday before the event I had mandatory classes till 17.00, with a flight at 21.20 and a possible strike at the airport (which was 1 hour 30 minutes away), so it was a bit of a race against the clock, but we got there in time and my journey to Coventry started.

I choose to play UY Zapes because I liked the playstyle. It concerned me though, as I had no time to test whatsoever in the last few months due to college and internships.

But Zapp reinforced me by saying I could figure it out and he had faith in my ability 😉 Thanks bro.

Also thank you so much for all the time you invested into discussing plays and matchups with me!

So after a short flight we arrive to Coventry and to our Airbnb (after having 4 different adresses…).

By this time it’s around midnight , so we grab a quick dinner and hit the sack, as we have to be at the venue by 08.00.

Euro’s Day 1

At the venue I meet the team and hand them their sponsored goodies (Thanks UG!)

Meet with friends old and new and sit down for player meeting.

After player meeting round 1 starts, but as I won prelims I have a bye in round 1.

I just scout around a bit and see a TON of Baby, Pan and Shenron. Which is ‘’troublesome’’ as Shenron ramp is a hard matchup for zapes.

Round 2 (I don’t remember your name sorry) Slug

I sit down, he sits down, we greet each other and he takes out a Slug.

I’m like nice, this is 2-0.

I played the slug matchup during our Monthly Clash last weekend and I know it cannot deal with all my card advantage and the apes just destroy all his plays.

I win this game 2-0 fairly quickly in about 10ish minutes.

2-0 in games

Round 3 (Jamal Wilson) Starter Broly

This game was crazy high level, I won game 1.

Game 2 he had two 6 drop Broly’s at 2 life and I had Mira/Champa.

I baited Broly 1 with an ape and I knew if I can get the second baited I win.

It comes down to where I need to summon Beerus Fickle God against his 2 card hand and bank he doesn’t have combo power in hand and has to pop it with Broly. My read was correct and he discards Tragic Awakening to pop Beerus, I summon Mira and that was game.

Really well played bro!

3-0 in games

Round 4 (I don’t remember your name) RY Ape

Another tight game I won with Mira/Champa in the end. Game 1 he got 2 arrivals off at once but it wasn’t enough as he never found his King Ape.

Game 2 we stalled each other out for a while and I knew I had to kill or be killed. Mira/Champa again took it away from him backed up by Cooler.

4-0 games

Round 5 (Christopher Reyes) Kidku Red

Ah, the only matchup other then shenron I feared. I played against it last week and I knew it was basicly impossible.

Christopher proved this and gave me the swift 2-0

4-1 in games.

Round 6 (Dan Owens) Towa

I knew he is on EXT so he has to be good right 😊

He placed down Towa and I was happy to see that. I take way too many hand for his Mira chain to ever be relevant and I just kept negates for the big mira swings.

I finished game 2 with Potara tapping him out and swinging for game.

5-1 in games

Round 7 (Man Hiem Cheung) Kidku Blue

I know Man Hiem and knew he was on Kidku Blue so I knew it was going to be hard.

It was closer then against Christopher but he defended well on my attempt to finish it off in game 3.

It came down to him having 2 PB where as if he only had 1 I would have won.

Great games tho man!

5-2 in games.

Round 8 (Don’t remember your name sorry) Janemba GUY

I saw my opponent near my table a few times and knew he was on tricolour nemba.

Game 1 he mills me. Then game 2 and 3 I sided in masked saiyans to self awaken faster and push more damage in earlier, and the Vegeta and Frost packages and they sealed me the game.

6-2, one more win and I have a shot at topping if my ties are good.

Round 9 (Don’t remember your name sorry) Towa

As we sat down and my opponent showed Towa I knew I finished 7-2.

The deck cannot threaten me at all.

Game 1 he whiffed his searches and never got a mira off before dying to an onslaught of apes and Mira.

Game 2 he got a chain off on my rough start and left me without cards in hand.

On my turn I swung, used ability to go to 3 Cards in Hand, removed 2 apes from grave to go to 7 Cards in Hand, awaken to have counter mana open. His turn he Miras again, swings with double crit which I Mafuba.

My turn I swing leader and draw into Potara and she finishes it for me.

7-2 And I have to hope my tiebreakers are good enough. I have 1 8-1, 3 6-3’s and a 7-2 atleast.

After a long stressfull wait, together with Remko from FOE they call my name in 10th place, I made it! Whoooo!

Unfortunately Remko did not make it which was sad.

But 3 other KTM members topped.

Aaron Copping in 2nd.

Anthony Vale in 11th.

And Adam Evans with SOUL STRIKER in 9th.

By now it is around 23.00 and we need food.

We go to a BK near the venue to find it’s closed fml.

So we order a cab and get some Doner near the BNB.

I quickly go to sleep as I have to be at the venue at 09.00 for player meeting and deckchecks.

Top 16 (Emad Kashy) Traitor Dende

I talked it over with some people before and we agree If i play this correct I should be slightly favoured.

I see his decklist and I have a miniature heart attack, he mains both west and east kai and I knew it was going to be rough.

Game 1 went back and forth.

At the end of the game I swing with Mira when he is tapped out and at 4 life, he Time magics (like I expected, 1 of his 2 time magics and the other was gone already due to burst) and I cooler him, he is a bit puzzled by this as he glanced over it on my decklist, I restand Mira and give it Champa ftw.


Game 2 is non-existant as he ripped my hand to shreds and I never got apes going.


Game 3 comes down to me identifying that If i survive his turn I will end up winning on the next turn and he will try to 7 drop Frieza my 2 ape board. So he wishes for occupation and goes into 7 drop which I UI Goku and that’s where i fucked up as I didn’t have a zen-oh button and he just revivals a Clan of Terror. I should have bloodlusted so I had mana open to Gohan the clan of terror. Then the game was mine. But props to him he identified that I had no zen-oh button in 13 card hand.


Unfortunately it ends here for me, Anthony and Adam as we all lost in top16.

But Aaron got us second place in a hardfought game against Diego’s Gogeta BR.

We will be back with a vengeance in Brussels 😉


On behalf of the Lookout Team, thank you Wim for sharing your report with us and congratulations. You can find Wim’s deck profile on the MyWifeHatesGames channel (thanks!). Good luck in Brussels Wim!

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